Bag Care

Every hide of leather is as unique as the animal it came from. Variations in grain, tone, fur length and scarring are not imperfections, but rather the wonderful natural characteristics that make leather such a superb material to use for quality products. Because of these natural variations, no two bags are ever the same. Here are some tips for keeping your Little Leather bag looking great:

- Avoid too much sunlight, extreme sources of heat and getting it wet

- Should it get wet, gently pat dry with a cloth

- Avoid contact with cosmetics and perfumes, water, oils and chemicals

- Keep your bag away from rough surfaces which may scratch the leather

- Fur will eventually become shorter with repeated contact. Avoid too much wear in one area to slow this down

- Keep your bag in a dark, dry place when not in use

- If your bag gets a minor scratch, these can sometimes be removed by rubbing your (clean!) finger over the area as your natural oils can help minimise the look. Always test it first and be extra careful on light coloured leather

- Take care when wearing your bag against light coloured garments as on some leather, especially the suede side or nubuck, the colour may rub off

- Nubuck: We recommend using a nubuck protector product before first use and then as needed to help reduce colour transfer to your hands/clothing and water staining (we have given the leather a light buff and applied two coats during production). Due to the brushed finish of nubuck, it will show up wear and produce a lovely unique worn-in finish as you use it 

Please note: The Little Leather Co. can not be held liable for any damage you may do to your bag with the use of any spray, oil or cream you apply. Should you use a leather cleaner, protector or conditioner on your bag, always read the instructions carefully and test in an inconspicuous area first.